April at The Shuckster

Spotted Bat Made Away with the Town

Had a show up last night for the post-First Fridays party. (Only cool kids stay up to see art after the official openings.) I was super lucky to be asked to put up a show at The Shuckster and definitely out of my bleedin’ comfort zone! Had 12 pieces up in a cluster with a penguin walking a killer whale anchoring it – piece is called Sometimes It Is Just Black & White. The Shuckster lives in the dining room of Jesse Wells and Patrick Costello, both fabulous artists. Their roommate has a wonderful dog named Disco Ball who is part boxer, part great dane, part husky maybe. Blue eyes, completely crossed. Looks like he is standing on his tiptoes all the time. I fell in love with him right away but he remained a little suspect. Here are some pieces from The Shuckster:

Neighborhood Watch
Non-Migrating Turtle

Synodontis Angelicus Presides

The Snake in the Mountain

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