Wildlife Viewing Area Closed – a February Show

Had a great time at the First Friday opening for Wildlife Viewing Area Closed at The Gallery @ 5th & Water on February 3rd! Lots of friends came out to have a look and enjoy the good company. Many thanks to all who supported the work! Had quite an adventure at the end of the evening – someone stole my bag. Now, I don’t usually carry a bag but I had my wallet, cell phone, keys and checks for The Haven and for me in that bag. And a fabulous lime green coat, which I LOVE. The dim-witted criminals took it right off a table and beat feet out of there. They could have gone to the train tracks and surveyed their loot under cloak of night. They could have stuffed my bag in one of their backpacks and waited til they got home to find out about the score. But, no! They walked one block away and spread my precious stuff all over the grass to examine the goods. They were so preoccupied by this excitement that they failed to look around and, therefore, to notice the two Charlottesville Police Department officers watching them from 15 feet away! So, my bag was stolen and returned intact in less than 30 minutes!! It was just enough to get my heart a-racing, I’ll tell you what!

Anyway, here are some images from the show:




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  1. Bob Brunswig says:

    Nice work Kaki!! I am curious where you get your inspiration for these paintings. Are you using opium? ……………………..Kidding

    I love the art!! Keep it up & come back to the Pacific NW some day. We miss you…………..Bob

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