The Garage Show – Take Two

So, in a wonderful, crazy twist of fate, I got to a have a second show at The Garage for October First Friday! I took the September show down and put up 20 new pieces. Some pieces were part of a series started in September, others were new ideas. We had a nice, steady flow of visitors and went through two chunks of Jarlsberg (my favorite), a wedge of brie, a melty tube of peppered goat cheese and some edam. Good cheese is important, I think.

I am delighted to report that 19 pieces sold during the First Friday opening – all to good homes.

Some animals that showed up in this show – firebirds with red eyes, snakes, rhinoceros, elephant, giant yellow bird, tiger, clownfish, wild hares, humpback whale, poisonous dart frog, pufferfish, African wild ass, polar bear, squirrel, white tail deer, black swans, owls, a newt and one very precious pink extinct antelope.

Thanks to all who stopped by!

Here are some images from the show:


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  1. kate says:

    HI Kaki-
    I would love to include you in my April exhibit at McGuffey. This is the first exhibit by the Art and Ecology club. Please contact me at your earliest convenience for details.

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