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This is where I will post new work, talk about what I see, ask questions of the universe and share tiny, beautiful facts about the animal kingdom. I hope you’ll come back often to see what’s happening! On September 2, 2011, I had a show at The Garage. I called it In the Country, Under the Sea. My friends Moe and Patty helped figure out what it should be called. Stephen thought it should be called I like birds. And snakes.Its true, I like birds and snakes. And they show up a lot in my drawings. Sometimes they are based on real birds, sometimes they are completely made up, and sometimes they are ghosts.

The Hook offered this review of the show:

Here are some images from the show.

Fox Walking Octopus, pen & ink on paper, sold
Albino White Tail, pen & ink on paper, sold

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  1. Josh Handal says:

    You show at the Garage was simply stunning! Your artwork is very intriguing and hauntingly beautiful. Very cool. Can’t wait to see some more of your work! :]

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