April Shows!


I am delighted to have a few pieces out and about in the world this April. The piece above – Forest Owls – will be at Second Street Gallery for April and will be for sale in their art auction later in the month. (Sorry for the reflection in the glass but, if I admit it, I quite like the effect!) Open for First Friday.

These two pieces, a footless booby and a blinged out albatross, and several others, will be in the Art Meets Ecology show at McGuffey in April. Check out the ambitious goal of having images of the 267 species impacted by plastics in the marine environment. Should be very interesting! Open for First Friday.

IMG_1211   IMG_1213

Hope to see you there!



Many thanks to Beryl Solla for the opportunity to show my work at PVCC! We had a lovely opening Friday night, September 20th with cupcakes, shrimp, sushi and other swanky, tasty treats. Thanks, also, to all who came to see the show. Here is some of the new work I had up:

Stork and the Pink Egg South Africa V. North America

Animal HeartBlue Wildebeest Protects the Village

Green Tiger & Ghost Fawn Springhare Acacia Tree Cross

Wrapped Up  Snake Absorbs Bad Juju

Omnivores - They'll Eat Anything  Red Kangaroo

Jerboa Takes a Walk at NightPurple Snake Red Cabin

Mural Installed!

Mural image projected onto the warehouse ceiling



After several months of painting inside, thanks to Gabe Silverman for the warehouse space, we installed the mural on the Tru Pilates wall by the train tracks between South Street and Garrett Street! Many thanks to those who came out for the dedication.


Rivanna River Mural!

Railroad Wall - 9-29-12 flattened with bubbles (2)

I am so pleased to be working with the Charlottesville Mural Project to create a mural this summer celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Clean Water Act and our local river – The Rivanna! Ross McDermott of the Charlottesville Mural Project has already primed the wall, set up pumpjacks and installed our fancy new banner. We hope to get painting in a week or so and finish by early August. Should be great fun! We are raising funds for this project through kickstarter: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/cleanwatermural/rivanna-river-basin-mural-by-artist-kaki-dimock Thanks for helping us get this lovely mural painted!

Did a little piece on WINA this morning for the mural: http://wina.com/morning-news/kaki-dimock-robbi-savage-ross-mcdermott/ Many thanks to Jane & Rick!




This is one of the drawings I made while traveling for the last four months, around the world, on the Semester at Sea Spring 2013 voyage. We started in Mexico and went to Japan, China, Vietnam, Singapore, Burma, India, Mauritius, South Africa, Ghana, Morocco and Spain. It was an amazing adventure! Highlights include hiking on The Great Wall, taking cooking lessons in Vietnam and India, seeing the fantastic and treacherous creatures of the bush in South Africa, and eating under the stars in the High Atlas in Morocco. I am back to work and processing all these new images like crazy.

Will start working on the mural at the end of this month!

WVTF Show October 5

I am very excited to have a show going up in time for October First Friday! Many thanks to WVTF, Radio IQ, Feast and New City Arts for making this possible. I have some pieces that were shown at The Shuckster earlier this year but most of the work going up is new, new, new; including the piece above which has words on it! I am not sure how successful the words are but after I finished it, these sentences about snakes came into my head fully formed. Not sure they mean anything but what they actually say.

The Hook gave it a little plug:


Here are some other pieces in the show. Opening reception is 5-7pm at the WVTF Gallery on Water Street. http://www.newcityarts.org/the-event/kaki-dimock-at-wvtf/


April at The Shuckster

Spotted Bat Made Away with the Town

Had a show up last night for the post-First Fridays party. (Only cool kids stay up to see art after the official openings.) I was super lucky to be asked to put up a show at The Shuckster and definitely out of my bleedin’ comfort zone! Had 12 pieces up in a cluster with a penguin walking a killer whale anchoring it – piece is called Sometimes It Is Just Black & White. The Shuckster lives in the dining room of Jesse Wells and Patrick Costello, both fabulous artists. Their roommate has a wonderful dog named Disco Ball who is part boxer, part great dane, part husky maybe. Blue eyes, completely crossed. Looks like he is standing on his tiptoes all the time. I fell in love with him right away but he remained a little suspect. Here are some pieces from The Shuckster:


Neighborhood Watch

Non-Migrating Turtle

Synodontis Angelicus Presides

The Snake in the Mountain

Wildlife Viewing Area Closed – a February Show

Had a great time at the First Friday opening for Wildlife Viewing Area Closed at The Gallery @ 5th & Water on February 3rd! Lots of friends came out to have a look and enjoy the good company. Many thanks to all who supported the work! Had quite an adventure at the end of the evening – someone stole my bag. Now, I don’t usually carry a bag but I had my wallet, cell phone, keys and checks for The Haven and for me in that bag. And a fabulous lime green coat, which I LOVE. The dim-witted criminals took it right off a table and beat feet out of there. They could have gone to the train tracks and surveyed their loot under cloak of night. They could have stuffed my bag in one of their backpacks and waited til they got home to find out about the score. But, no! They walked one block away and spread my precious stuff all over the grass to examine the goods. They were so preoccupied by this excitement that they failed to look around and, therefore, to notice the two Charlottesville Police Department officers watching them from 15 feet away! So, my bag was stolen and returned intact in less than 30 minutes!! It was just enough to get my heart a-racing, I’ll tell you what!

Anyway, here are some images from the show:




Home Shows…

So, New City Arts Initiative held a show on the theme ‘home’ for the benefit of The Haven for November First Fridays. (New City Arts Initiative is so freaking cool, people.) The show was held at the WVTF gallery on Water Street and included artists like Patrick Costello, Maureen Lovett, Jesse Wells, Mike Ryan, Lisa Ryan, Ashley Walton, and Maggie Stein. I was lucky to have three pieces in the show, too! The show served as a preview for The Haven’s annual art auction fundraiser – There’s No Place Like Home. We had a great evening last week with over 140 pieces of art and homemade craft, fabulous food, and lots of good juju. These three new pieces were successfully auctioned to the benefit of The Haven: